Our Story


Heine Family

Heine Farms is a fourth generation family operation that continues to provide safe and wholesome food to it’s customers. The business continues to grow and develop overtime but stays true to its same values and mission. What started as a small acreage of farming, in the hills of Northeastern Nebraska, has grown to an operation that finishes over 45,000 head of cattle annually.

Family Values

The Heine family values fostering lasting relationships through honesty, respect, hard work and a passion for cattle. They take feeding cattle very seriously by providing a safe, comfortable and clean environment for their animals.

Our History

After moving to St. Helena, NE from Westphalia, Germany, Frank started his farming operation. He built a large operation and before his passing gave each of his four sons a farm to call home. As the last one married, Gerhard was lucky enough to receive the home operation. Like his father taught him, he continued to care for the land and build the operation with his five sons and three daughters. During this time, the Heine’s became very interested in feeding and raising cattle. The boys loved raising cattle as much as Gerhard. Immediately after their fathers passing in 1900, they continued to build the families farm and feedlot. Ron and Steve purchased the feedlot in 2004 from their brothers and continue to hold onto the same values and knowledge that has been passed down through generations.


What started in 1905 by Frank Heine has continued to provide a business that is loved by many. Today, Heine Farms Feedyard is owned and managed by Ron and Janet Heine. Each of their families continue to love and support the same values and mission that was started two generations earlier.

We love our customers and welcome feedback and suggestions. Contact Us to tell us to let us know how we’re doing!